According to the Law "On Consumers’ Rights", these documents are required for the goods for public health care.

The product groups subject to obtaining of Expert Conclusions and State Registration Certificates is a mandatory requirement:

  • Foodstuff and beverages
  • Perfume and cosmetics, goods for personal hygiene
  • Clothing, bedding, towels and other products used in contact with the human body
  • Products of machine-building industry and equipment for food production
  • Packaging for food industry
  • Materials made of faux wood and used for furniture production
  • Toys and other products for children
  • Household chemical products
  • Paints and similar chemicals
  • Equipment and materials for air treatment, air purification and filtration 

Validity: Unlimited

Necessary for:  All products in contact with drinking water, human such as paints, insulation materials, etc.