We offer our customers the services of translation of different documents into different languages at very competitive prices. Our specialists make technical translations of various texts. Translation of technical documentation is a special kind of activity that requires not only excellent language skills, but also expertise in the industry to which the particular text refers. 

We have long-term experience in performance of orders of large-scale technical translations.

Accuracy is highly important for translation of engineering documents. This kind of work requires high skills. As a matter of fact, in some industries a mistake just in one word may change meaning resulting in wrong procedures or misunderstandings. That is why the specialists engaged in such kind of work should have high qualification and experience. There are different specialist for different field of work, a generic translator will never match our results !!! 

The same requirements are imposed on other kinds of translation: qualitative professional translation and use of technical terms. There are definitions and even slang expressions and phrases which may not be translated, using general dictionary in any professional field. Therefore, a common specialist is often unfit for such work. For example, translating a text on railway machinery, a common specialist may misuse technical terms. “Overhead circuit” or “overhead line”, “current collector” or “collector current”? The translator shall have expert knowledge to get the point and to make a qualified technical translation.

Our skilled work, professionalism and attention to the details allowed us to give you a result that will fulfill your client desire with full satisfaction.

We offer not only technical translation, we can scope with financial translation (annual reports, tax and accounting reports), legal translation (agreements, contracts, summons), medical translation (medical reports, insurance statements), marketing translation (magazine ads, news releases, mailers) and so on.

We always deliver our translations at the highest levels of quality standards, yet we price these at lower Eastern European rates. With the sheer volume of translations we provide, utilizing our Russia-wide network of translators, we're able to keep the profit margins small while still providing you with translation services that even the best western agencies would be proud of.

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