The Conformity Mark is placed to the package, label or sales ticket of the product. Thus, Conformity Mark informs the product buyer that the product is certified, complies with the specified quality standards and Certificate of Conformity is obtained for it. There are two basic types of Product Certification - Mandatory Certification and Voluntary Certification, and different conformity marks are used for these conformity systems.


• Conformity Mark for Mandatory Certification under GOST R (Russian National Standard)



 If a product is subject to Mandatory Certification and mandatory Certificate of Conformity has been obtained for it, then the product shall be marked with the Conformity Mark of Mandatory Certification. This Conformity Mark contains details on the certification body issuing the Certificate of Conformity. Alphabetical and numerical symbols correspond to the certification body number. 


• Conformity Mark for Voluntary Certification



Upon Voluntary Certification completion and obtaining of the Certificate of Conformity by the applicant or manufacturer the product may be marked with the Conformity Mark of Voluntary Certification. This Conformity Mark contains words "Voluntary Certification". This marking is not a mandatory requirement. Mark of Voluntary Certification does not include the certification body code. 


• Conformity Mark for conformity declaring



If product or equipment are subject to conformity declaring, upon registration of the Declaration of Conformity, the product shall be marked with the Conformity Mark that does not include the certification body code. This mark is a mandatory requirement for marking products included in the list of products subject to quality confirmation in the form of Declaration of Conformity


• Technical Regulations Conformity Mark



The product or particular equipment subject to Technical Regulations Mandatory Certification shall be marked with the mark of access to market. The Technical Regulations Conformity Mark shall be placed on the products already regulated by applicable technical procedures for which Technical Regulations (TR) Conformity Certificate was obtained. 


• Mark of the Product Access to the Customs Union Market 



 This Conformity Mark is placed on the products subject to Mandatory Certification or conformity declaring in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union technical regulations. This mark informs the consumers that the Customs Union certification or declaration was obtained or registered for the product.

Instructions for placing the conformity marks are specified in GOST R (Russian National Standard) 50460-92 - Conformity Mark for Mandatory Certification. Form, dimensions and specifications.